Subjective Intuitive

The Cancer Woman tends to operate as if she were the center of the universe, her own ultimate guideline for evaluating all she feels and sees. Whereas a primarily logical person looks for criteria that are objective and outside herself, the subjective Cancer lady looks to her own sixth sense first and last. She does not believe in judging a book by its cover, so she will judge it by its "aura." She trusts her own intuition best and consistently processes her impressions through this psychic filter. She has no great need for scientific confirmation since she tends to consider her impressions as facts.

To the Cancer Woman, feelings are quite definitely facts. She is not averse to using logic—it's just that she rarely needs it. Though everyone in town may plant bulbs in March, she knows it is foolish to plant until the first full moon in May. And her garden invariably supports her conviction.

The Cancer Woman tends to be subjective. She sees things from her particular, individual perspective, heavily biased by her emotional background. She uses her intuition to bid in bridge, to draw up her budget, to predict next year's elections and her daughter's grades, to choose her wardrobe, plant her roses, and second-guess her husband. She can be an outstanding psychotherapist, for she sees into people and "psyches out" things others are often unaware of. She is especially perceptive in family matters and highly intuitive about how people have been influenced by their origins and their mothers.

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