Stylish Regal

Even if she is a housewife all her life, the Leo Woman has an extra "something" about her that makes people take notice. She is normally chic in the" extreme. She can be observed standing tall no matter what her actual height, surveying the territory with ease bordering on arrogance, and snapping real or imaginary fingers to attract attention and first-rate service.

She usually radiates self-assurance, drama, and dignity. She typically prefers red and orange, but should she wear earth tones, even brown, beige, and blue will glow on her as if with an electric charge. She likes tried and true favorites of the best quality and is happiest wearing natural fabrics adorned with original, oversized jewelry. She may design her own clothes and ornaments. She sometimes haunts junk shops and finds hidden gems. She can trust her taste, which is normally exquisite enough for her to make a profit if she resells her purchases.

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