Strong Sense of Purpose and Direction Appetite for Life

When an interviewer asked Capricorn film star Faye Dunaway when she had first become aware of wanting to be an actress, she replied, "Always!"

If Scarlett O'Hara is the typical Aries fireball of the movies, we might say that the women Joan Crawford played in her most famous films were all Capricorn types. Her characters were clever and poised, regal, persistent, achieving, upwardly mobile; they knew how to advance their ambitions, faced many obstacles, but in the end were successful, at least professionally. The common theme of these films is still relevant to women everywhere, and most especially to the Capricorn Woman: Can a woman combine acute ambition with personal fulfillment? How?

Sex and love are supremely important to the Capricorn Woman, but they do not fulfill her need for worldly recognition. Even as a little girl, she is usually a dedicated thinker and planner. The typical Capricorn knows what she wants to do when she grows up—she wants to be an all-around winner in the stakes of life. If she suppresses this knowledge, she is likely to have experiences that shake her up and remind her of her destiny to be someone. The definition of someone is hers, but she must be satisfied by her own achievements.

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