Short Attention Span Changeable Noncommittal

If you made a date with a Gemini Woman a week ago, be sure to call her that morning. It may have slipped her mind. She no doubt has it written on her calendar, but in all probability, she will have forgotten to look at it when she got up.

All the work she has to do will be piled on her desk. She feels that if she tucks it away, she will forget it. She drops letters, books, and newspapers right where she stops reading them so she can be sure to find them again when she is in the mood. I have known some Gemini women who forget what they are saying in mid-sentence. Most, however, have a slightly longer attention span.

Chances are that she will change careers as often as she changes her favorite sexy sling-back shoes. The quickness with which she learns often results in career shifts into completely different lines of work. I know one Gemini woman who progressed from secretary to fashion model to jewelry sales to owning her own rare antiques business in a matter of four years. (By the way, she makes a great salesperson. She is so glib and persuasive that she can talk people into buying things they often have little, if any, use for.)

One has to be very shrewd to get a commitment from the Gemini Woman. She is quick to venture into unknown territory but will not stay long. She's never sure what the future holds and doesn't want to commit herself to something that could hamper her. Thus, she seldom gives a straight answer. If she can hedge or sidestep or say, "Well, maybe," she will. Even with such basic things as appointments, she will avoid being pinned down to an exact time. She has been known to simply not show up. Sometimes she forgets, other times she wants to avoid the person or issue at hand.

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