Sexually Broadminded Erotically Inhibited

The Aquarius Woman seldom says no to demands for sexual freedom. You will not find her fighting for the abolition of porno movie houses and adult bookstores or against the open sale of contraceptives. She believes in personal choice and upholds people's right to be exposed to a variety of sdmuli and to determine which they find most appealing. Conceptually, she is broad-minded and liberated. She is also nearly unshockable.

One of her most attractive traits is her nonjudgmental friendliness. She is capable of coexisting with people whose belief systems are vastly different from hers, and though she is a natural teacher and an often autocratic lecturer, she is not apt to try to convert everyone around her. If her best friend is having a different man every night while she herself is monogamous, the difference in sexual values and behavior will not affect the friendship. The Aquarius Woman is able to give people a lot of space, and she expects similar treatment.

She learns very early to keep her strong opinions on personal etiquette to herself and to share them only when absolutely necessary. She may seek a public platform instead. She may write books about sex or become a sex therapist, a counselor of alcoholics with sexual problems, a publisher with a liberated view, or a moviemaker interested in exploring how relationships and lifestyles are changing.

She finds it more difficult to be open and uninhibited in her personal life. The more emotionally involved and invested she is in a relationship, the more she tends to fall back on old-fashioned mores. She fears rejection deeply. She can split what her head tells her (that it's okay to live in an open marriage, for example) from what her feelings dictate. In her heart, she is apt to be scared of the limitless potential for good and bad that is inherent in personal freedom, and to allow that fear to restrain her.

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