Come live with me, and be my love, And we will some new pleasures prove

Of golden sands, and crystal brooks, With silken lines, and silver hooks.

She is usually kind but selfish, impressive but lazy. She is contradictory; she may dislike vulgarity yet find herself attracted to men who force her to drop her inhibitions.

She tends to make a cult of beauty—her own. She may wear jewelry to bed and perfume her sheets. On her first sexual encounter, she may behave decorously, insisting on a night light and a nightgown. Keep in mind that in reality she may be impatient to overcome the limitations of civilized behavior and may want her man to take the lead (and the consequences). Though she has a healthy sex drive, she seldom wants to expend too much energy attracting men. She is born with a kind of inner arrogance; making the most of her looks, she is usually content to lie back in splendor, awaiting her next Prince Charming. The Leo Woman is at home with sex and wants it combined with the resources money can provide. Rarely does she consider making love in a shack as exciting as shacking up at the Ritz Carlton.

Leo tends to fall in love often and love rarely. She may prefer the drama of courtship to the predictability of any permanent nesting arrangement. When she decides to love, her decision is usually rational and willed. Once she has made her choice, however, she tends to be loyal and stubborn about it.

There are three important keys to Leo's sexuality:

1. Remember to pay her undivided attention, and talk to her about her desirability. She would be happiest if she could outdo Marilyn Monroe, your ex-wife, and all your lovers, imaginary playmates, and childhood fairies in her capacity to capture and hold your loving devotion.

2. Be prepared to give more than you expect to receive. She may feel that the world owes her something special and that she is not required to pay it back.

3. Back your attention and your talk with telling vibes. Where her own interest is concerned, she has the finest antennae you'll ever see, with which she can pick up the subtlest sexual signals. Your desire is what really turns her on. If you enable her to be your queen in company and your whore in your princely bed, she may station herself with you for life.

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