Sexual Intimacy

It's hard to imagine an Aquarius Woman lying back in a heavily scented love nest and allowing a man to fully possess her and her vast reservoir of passion. She wouldn't go for the trappings since they imply "caging"; she wouldn't go for the surrender either since she equates it with losing power.

Aquarius, you need to learn that you don't give up any space when you give someone true intimacy; you expand both yours and his. The masses you embrace don't often reject you; what makes you think one person is more apt to? You're willing to ask the state legislature for help, the school board for more understanding about sex education, the women's board for more money for famine victims—why are you afraid to ask the man who loves you for something (like affection, like protection, like love)?

Liberation is a key word for the Aquarius Woman. The liberation of conservative minds is a goal she never loses sight of. The liberation of women from the traditional roles they have been thrust into is of prime importance. When Aquarius learns that she, too, needs some liberation, she will become an even more powerful force for the liberation of others. Self-imposed emotional exile is indeed a tough prison to escape from, but when she realizes that there is a whole new frontier of intimacy and closeness awaiting her, she will find a way to unlock the door.

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