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In ancient Egypt, Cancer's sign was represented not by the crab but by the scarab, or dung beetie. Both creatures are protected by a shell, and the Cancer Woman, too, seems to need a layer of defenses to cover her soft, tender, vulnerable side. The crab, like the scarab, has the function of devouring the transitory and thereby effecting regeneration. The Cancer Woman, by absorbing the negative emotions around her and replacing them with her healing balm, can bring about spiritual transformation.

The Cancer Woman is often self-doubting and cantankerous. Above all, she fears rejection and humiliation; for example, she may see venom in the petty rejection of an angry salesclerk. Her biggest problem is that she personalizes everything and often feels as if the world might victimize her if she fails at all times to protect herself.

She is sometimes devious and often deceptive, retiring and yet an opportunist. Because she is attuned to people and can almost predict events, she can be extremely successful. She is a born politician, being interested in gossip and the efficient use of people's weaknesses. An excellent way for her to raise her self-esteem is to combine her domestic involvement with outside work. Whether she focuses on charity, therapy, the professions, volunteer work, or local politics, the Cancer Woman needs to find ways to avoid smothering her close ones, ways to spark her own self-confidence outside the nest.

Advice to friends: the Cancer Woman needs her ego built up. Do not push her, never demand! Instead, ask her gently and supportively, guide her to take initiative, and teach her to take risks. Be a model of action, not a complainer; be a doer she can admire but not fear.

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