The Libra Woman enjoys the power with which her beauty, sensuality, and air of distinction endow her. She tends to think she deserves the very best. The world, she believes, owes her for what she brings to it.

She may spoil herself. She buys gallons of bath oil, the latest in makeup, vintage wines. Nothing is too good for her. She enjoys gourmet food and is apt to be plump. She often dresses exquisitely and trendily and is sometimes overperfumed. She shops passionately for the latest in chic and buys everything from rare pearls to pleasure cruises.

She is especially content in the lap of luxury and looks for means and men to provide it for her. She may be a sucker for flattery and gifts. She usually adores the good life. She is naive or optimistic, depending on your point of view, and she trusts fate to deliver what she needs. Things have a way of turning out well for her.

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