The Cosmic Woman is not a product of her environment, but a product of inner growth. She has overcome the narrow bounds of society and become universal in the process. She loves herself, and this enables her to express her emotions and her feelings freely in any situation or circumstance. Her self-love seems to generate loving energy that flows from her even in moments of anger.

The Cosmic Woman had a hard time overcoming societal attitudes toward women, but she persevered. She has now come to understand what she was deprived of, but instead of reacting bitterly and defensively toward men and male-dominated societal attitudes, she embraces each opportunity to control her life and to be truly responsible for herself. She knows that men, too, are caught in a one-dimensional world, and she works for their liberation as well.

The Cosmic Woman has "Love Yourself Day" every day; she long ago realized the importance of displaying an attitude of self-love. Her approach is indeed infectious; she feels that the more she demonstrates the advantages of self-actualization, the greater are the chances of others pursuing it as a goal. Above all, the Cosmic Woman knows that she alone is responsible for her life, her happiness, her peace of mind.

The Cosmic Woman seldom second-guesses herself, and she realizes the folly of questioning every decision, of analyzing her every movement in quagmires of self-doubt. Pursuing perfection unreasonably is often the cause of self-anger. It can also preclude taking risks and being vulnerable. The Cosmic Woman gives herself permission to have fun, to take pleasure, to pursue various courses of action. She deserves to feel good about life and about herself. .. and she does.

Finding Your Confidence

Finding Your Confidence

Confidence is necessary to achieve success in life. Some effective confidence tips must be followed if you genuinely want to gain accomplishment in your work. So how do you build your confidence that will work for you in any situation? Initially, make an effort to spend time with confident people. Their vigor and strength is so stirring that you will surely feel yourself more powerful just by listening to their talk. To build confidence it is vital that you are in the midst of self-assuring people.

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