Pluto power may be turned to purposes of self-destruction. The most common avenue for Scorpio is to practice lifelong self-denial. In this case, the stopper-in-the-bottle syndrome is doubly strong, and she experiences many bouts of physical illness. Her mental powers are so strong that whatever she thinks can become her reality. She can sell herself on anything, including everything that is bad for her. She can make herself lead a life that may be great for others and hell for herself.

Taking drugs and alcohol to excess, pursuing certain goals single-mindedly while denying all other needs, ignoring pleasure in favor of duty, removing sex from its natural place as a great source of communication and joy and transforming it into a means of manipulation-all are ultimately self-destructive.

The Scorpio Woman's sensual nature is so strong that when some of her basic needs are unmet, she literally consumes herself with illness, frustration, and anger. For example, if she wants a promotion, she may ignore her love affair. Secretly, she knows she is doing herself harm, and unless she changes directions, this knowledge drives her further into the depths.

Scorpio, my advice is: be sure you examine carefully what you are after; be sure that what you want is really good for you on all levels, because you, as a Scorpio Woman, will definitely attain the object of your desires.

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