Selfconfident Dutiful Selfserving

The Aquarius Woman is bound to accomplish a considerable amount in her life. She can do pretty much as she chooses, for her mind is strong, her will steely. She has the ability to discern what she wants and the talent to attract what she needs, especially at unexpected moments. She is apt to have a few stormy, quixotic relationships, and she finds it hard to be able to give from the heart. But where her head rules, she is usually vasdy successful.

She has the type of self-confidence many people envy. Nobody can mow her over; she is never a helpless victim or a retiring wallflower. Though she has inherent humbleness and at times is quite shy, she can rise above these traits when necessary. She is often more confident in her work achievements than in her personal life. She hungers for recognition and awards that mean she has made it, for they alone provide her with the type of feedback that nurtures her self-esteem. Without the feeling of having done her duty she has little self-respect.

She rarely gets rattled, and her mind works quickly, efficiently. Passion seldom traps her into foolishness, and whether she wants to make tracks or cover them, she can and will do as she chooses. At times lonely, usually detached, the Aquarius Woman appears to be very much in control of what she wants and of what she gets. Other women can learn a great deal from her in this respect. To a very large extent, she consciously creates her own reality. She seems to know earlier than most what she wants and why. She tends to accept conscientiously the values she is taught, despite a reformist streak in her nature.

She has a refined instinct for bartering, with herself and with those whose approval she needs. The deal she most often makes with herself is to work for the advancement of a cause that will better our species and to allow herself to have self-respect in return.

She can barely exist without feeling worthwhile, and she needs a communal rather than an individual stamp of approval. She is victimized mainly by her own wish to suppress knowledge of those traits she dislikes in herself. Because she finds selfishness wholly unacceptable, she may utilize her bag of magic tricks to deceive herself, thereby protecting her self-esteem. The danger of this is that she, who is naturally detached, can increase the distance that already exists between herself and other people.

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