Selective Scattered

The Capricorn Woman's strange brand of confident insecurity inspires many dramas in her life. She is familiar with crises, with loss, with peaks and valleys. She is extremely choosy, yet in her need to be connected she consistently reaches out for real intimacy, often to the wrong people. She scatters energy trying to help the needy, the stray, and the elderly. At times, restless and hungry for physical touch, she may have empty friendships and affairs.

She may find intimacy too threatening, but her inborn confidence tempts her over and over to try every avenue. She may settle for quantity instead of quality. At times, when she is depressed or disgusted, she may forget her own royal inheritance and want to be a bum or live in a slum. But a new event almost always forces her to change course, and she may head upward, full of dignity and discrimination once more.

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