Seductive Sensual Attractive

You might imagine Libra as a curvaceous, pretty woman whom an artist would capture in sensuous ebony or pink jade. In each hand she would hold a gem-studded scale, perpetually tipping. Her look would invite and reject.

Libra Women are famous for their beauty and sex appeal. Brigitte Bardot, still sexy and youthful well into her forties, was born a Libra (sun in Libra). Her gorgeous backside made her a celebrity after Roger Vadim splashed it across the screen in And God Created Woman,

The Libra female is skilled in the art of seduction and expects to be well appreciated for it. Another Libra sun sign, Rita Hayworth, knew how to parlay looks and sexiness into fame and fortune, and capped it all off by marrying the Aga Khan, a millionaire.

Libra is often sensuous, lazy, and feminine. She is wise and naive, young and old. She tends to charm and manipulate life and people like an ageless Lolita.

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