As a born detective, she seems to feel entided to be a mystery person herself. She is not likely to reveal anything too personal. She would probably enjoy wearing a oneway mirror allowing her to see others perfecdy, but no one to see her.

She is naturally secretive. At times she acts as if she were the keeper of universal secrets; her divine mission being to keep herself the biggest enigma.

An important key to understanding her personality is to know that she trusts neither herself nor others. Because she mistrusts, she becomes fanatically self-protective. She is likely to pull a Garbo on most of us.

If pushed, she has been known to fabricate answers which later turn out outland-ishly incorrect. She also plays games to waylay ardent detectives.

However, it is a mistake to think she is indifferent deep-down. Her embers never cool. It is much safer to assume she is biding her time until the right moment comes to enter the game and rig the dice in her favor.

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