Scorpio Sexuality

Scorpio is synonymous with sex in people's minds—and for good reason! The sirens in the Odyssey, the Queen of the Night in Mozart's MagicFlute, Marguerite in Goethe's Faust, Joan Crawford, Ava Gardner, Indira Gandhi—all have the Scorpio Woman's smoldering sex appeal, earthy shrewdness, unusual looks, and hypnotic tones.

The Scorpio Woman is an enchantress with a hot body and a cool mind. Her magic telegraphs the promise of instant, permanent arousal and deep, far-reaching sex. She may not be a traditional beauty, but the potent vibrations she radiates add up to drama, stature, and mystery.

Scorpio sexuality has reached the proportions of myth. Mention that you are a Scorpio Woman to people at a party, and see them react! They may draw back, giggle, wink at you, or start an inquisition. Tell your son's teacher that you're a Scorpio, and she'll shoot you a look of reappraisal. For to be a Scorpio Woman instantly transforms you from "Chuck's mother" into a woman with the sex drive of a truck driver and the versatility of a geisha.

The Scorpio Woman has quite a sexual legend to live up to. It is also one that she expertly continues creating. Depending on how comfortable she is with her own sexuality, the Scorpio sexual myth can be a lifelong burden or a boon to her social life.

Sex is still the most potent attention-getter in our country. Money ranks a close second, death a distant third. The Scorpio Woman is as much at home in the land of amours as with the affairs of the dead. No one could ask for a more multidimensional woman.

She is intense and polarized about everything in her life, including sex. Her sexual potency can be compressed or repressed under certain circumstances, or released in an explosive, lush sensuality.

We hear much more of her insatiability than of her sexual problems. Yet the fact is that she can carry her sexual inhibitions to an extreme. She suffers from a hidden, deep-seated insecurity; a periodic need to escape into sexual abstention; and an underlying obsession with "purification," which can lead her to asexuality (no sex) or masturbation.

Her opposite sign is Taurus, and her subconscious nature reflects the still, deep well of self-doubt associated with this sign. After many years of observation and psycho-astrological work, I suspect that some of the Scorpio Woman's frantic sexual activity is a cover-up for her streak of Taurean insecurity.

There are two key words to help one understand her sexuality. Variation is one. She needs variation in her sex life. She is as dependent on it as a jet is on a clear runway. Landing and taking off, bumpy and smooth rides—the Scorpio Woman desires varied sexual experience.

Power is the other key word. Her biggest sex secret is that sex is almost never her real goal. It's power she's after. The Scorpio Woman often uses sex as a means to an end. However much she enjoys sex, she rarely forgets that it is the most potent weapon in her arsenal of tools for domination and survival. She wields sex to score points, vanquish an opponent, gain entry, or increase her influence. She uses sex to hook her mate into exclusive dependence or, just as often, to boost herself higher on the ladder of success.

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