Scorpio Relationships

In dealing with the Scorpio Woman's relationships, we must once again look at the definition of power. For it is power she wants, and until sometime later in life, she may use sex and intimacy to get it.

Power means "to be able," in whatever domain. For centuries, women have embraced a kind of psychic, sexual, and economic impotence. Even today, female sexuality is thought to exist only when summoned forth by a princely embrace. While the male sex drive is openly acknowledged and widely condoned, females still lack the power to admit to an abstract, independent female sex drive. The concept of a sexually independent woman still seems to many people sordid and unimaginable. And I believe that it is women themselves who withhold the largest chunk of permission.

Women as a group have also been unable to bring themselves to play an important role as agents of political or economic change. We have not yet taken equal risks and equal responsibilities in high-level decision making. Most of us continue to think of ourselves as oppressed by the system and its top dogs, men. We would do better to look at our own oppression of ourselves, our own fear of expanding roles and responsibilities.

Though most of us have thought of intimacy and relationships as our domain, lately many of us have been unable to safeguard the happiness and stability of our marriages, of our "primary relationships." Change, it seems, may have gotten out of hand even for us domestic experts.

The greatest challenge for the Scorpio Woman is to be fair in love. She must find an oudet for her scheming ambitions outside her relationships. She is always tempted to play top dog at home as if to compensate for the historical imbalance between men and women. She is purposeful, goal-oriented, and dictatorial. Lady Godiva, Bella Abzug, and Scarlett O'Hara rolled into one may not equal the fierce passion she uses to guard her seniority in relationships.

"All's fair in love and war" is her motto. In friendship, she feels entitled to a lopsided loyalty. In romance, she wants an exclusive attachment that simultaneously strengthens her libido, her bank account, and her status in the community, and puts a gleam in her eye and a sway on her hips. In marriage, she wants double of everything.

The Scorpio Woman is a very ambitious person. She may become an example of the miscarriage of personal power in relationships. I advise her to involve herself in work, competition, or serious study throughout her life. She must find ways to feel meaningful and gain some recognition outside the domestic and intimate spheres. If she does not do this, she is bound to turn into the type of shrew Liz Taylor portrayed in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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