Scorpio Lifestyles

The Scorpio Woman is not ideal marriage material, for orthodox faithfulness usually eludes her. But if someone wants an earnest, loyal, intensely involved mate with fascinating surprises in store, she is all that and more.

She may marry too early or too late to fit the norm. That is, she may jump into a hasty marriage before twenty or wait until mid-life. If her husband is a better general than she is, her marriage will probably last, though it will sustain many crises.

She may drive her husband crazy because she is sex-struck and she can't get enough; or she may drive him wild because she suddenly enters a drought and no amount of water can revitalize her sexual thirst. "All or nothing" remains her motto.

The Scorpio Woman is often a model wife at the start of her marriage. She caters to her man, is faithful, involved, and always on his side. He may think he has picked the most remarkable woman on earth.

Scorpio often seeks sex outside her love nest once the initial glow wears off. She wants deep, endless passion in her man. If her husband falls short of her wishes, only guilt or illness will hold her back; but like a phoenix, she may rise above those too.

If she picks a sex partner outside marriage, she wants lust, thrill, abandon, endur ance, and a teasing possessiveness. She would like to pretend she is her new man's one and only, even if he is Number 5 on her list.

Lady Scorpio can routinely split love from sex. She can keep her love, economic status, and security needs safely bound to her home life while she unleashes her sexual passions on other grounds. Lady Chatterley is not far away.

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