Scorpio Alternative Lifestyles

SINGLE WOMAN/INTIMATE NETWORKS: For a time, this option is good for her, especially if she is very involved professionally or is nursing her wounds after a love affair. For the long term, the single Scorpio Woman must overcome her tendency to view any male friend as a potential bed partner and loyal sex subject, as well as her mistrust of any woman whom she perceives as treading on her turf. She should not stay alone for long if she is depressed. Scorpio Women are periodically suicidal and need others to brighten their lives.

OPEN MARRIAGE: Scorpio is not a sharer, and though she may want the adventure of open marriage, the experiment won't last.

MÉNAGE À TROIS: It's fine for Scorpio if the third person is a man or a female who's into submission. In all, a possible temporary adventure.

COMMUNAL LIVING: Scorpio is normally too ego-bound and possessive to enter a commune.

GAY/BISEXUAL LIFESTYLE: The Scorpio Woman's intense sexuality may find expression in a deep, but often explosive bond with another woman. She links sex with power, and in this case it is often her own power she seeks to extend through melding with another woman's energy. Jealous, demanding, and deeply psychic, the Scorpio lesbian's relationships are as all-or-nothing as her heterosexual sister's.

Integrative power, or the power of cooperation and love, is probably the most universal goal of people who have lived, survived crises, and developed some awareness of self and the meaning of life. Achieving integrative power is the particular challenge of the Scorpio Woman. She has the power of both healing and destruction, and both to an extreme. She is at once impotent Cassandra and raging Clytemnestra.

Integrative power does not arise from trying to fit someone else's model. Integrative power is found only in a deep awareness of one's own being and potential, only in a profound respect for the earth on which we live and depend.

We are each on earth for a purpose. Each of us has the potential to live a life of significance and meaning. Our purpose will be realized neither in the abdication of power (Cassandra) nor the brutal seizure of the wrong kind of power (Clytemnestra). The special task of the Scorpio Woman is to overcome the misuse of power and arrive at the point where she uses power in the service of love, the truly integrative force.

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