Scholarly Pompous Slapdash

The Sagittarius Woman has a fantastic mind. In addition to her explorer's spirit and general enthusiasm for life, she has an impeccable memory for facts. She may, however, become the absent-minded professor, so involved in her intellectual musings that she forgets her keys.

Sagittarius needs mental exercise to match her high level of physical activity. List-lessness and boredom are at the root of mental depression for her, and intellectual engagement is the cure. Again, discipline is a crucial factor often lacking in the Sagittarius Woman's education. She gets concepts but lacks patience with detail. She may rely on her superficial knowledge, becoming quite pedantic and pompous when her opinions are challenged.

Because she quickly grasps ideas and facts and can play with them, she may assume she knows everything. This kind of intellectual snobbishness only feeds her gullibility. Her mind is less encyclopedic than she thinks, and it is very easy to lead the condescending Sagittarian down the garden path.

Brilliant she certainly is, but the Sagittarius Woman must remember to ground herself with the proper information before she launches her opinions. Her love for discussion may lead to buffoonery if she doesn't first get her facts straight.

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