Sagittarius Sexuality

The genes of the Sagittarius Woman carry an ancient secret: She is a cousin in spirit to Pan. Half woman, half glen creature, she has the sex drive and purpose of a female satyr.

Sagittarius is not shy, and she will trumpet her adventurous sexuality loudly and openly. Her perpetual state of motion derives from her need for constant stimulation and never is her animal energy more alive than on the dance floor. The music courses through her veins like a second, familiar heartbeat, and the hundreds of undulating bodies around her are sensual magnets.

She seldom allows herself to fall in love, preferring the freedom to follow the dictates of her roving eye. Very few details of a man's anatomy escape her gaze. She assesses bulges and musculature with the eye of a practiced horse trader. However, when she falls, she falls hard. Her whole universe becomes wrapped up in her beloved. Even after her ardor cools, she carries the memory as long as she lives.

In the diffused sensual atmosphere of the dance floor, the Sagittarius Woman will experience many peaks and valleys of arousal. As the night pulses on, temptation grows, and she becomes increasingly excited and frustrated. This buildup can actually cause her to lunge at some leering (and more repressed) stranger—or she may find herself in trouble with someone else's date.

The Sagittarius Woman is often ready to tumble in the hay with a stranger, and many a comely, well-endowed man has been actively pursued by her. No matter how anonymous the encounter, her partner will never feel used.

There are three key words that provide a greater understanding of Sagittarian sexuality. The first is expansive. As with everything else in her life, she loves to stretch out sexually, with plenty of room to move. She is anything but inhibited, and a cozy candlelit chamber makes her choke with claustrophobia. Far more arousing is a long stroll on the beach, preferably nude. The more space around her the better, and the beach at sunset is a glorious setting for love with the Sagittarius Woman.

Her love of adventure makes her a willing playmate in the woods, in an abandoned house or the loft of an unoccupied barn, even in an empty ski lift, with all the unzipping and mitten stripping it implies. She loves to take her sex with exercise and as exercise. She never feels more gloriously alive than when she is active, and activity stimulates her in all ways.

If she ends up in a hotel, she will want a suite with a king-size bed and a view. Her own bedroom is large or gives the impression of tremendous space. It is light, airy, and simple, and her bed is enormous. Lovemaking is the dance of life for her, and a sense of freedom is the only requirement for her performance.

The second key word is direct. Sagittarius is not coy. She will not tease her lover with "go away, come closer" games. Her sexual interest is often aroused first, or at least simultaneously with yours. There is no need to pursue her; you are likely to collide! She knows who she wants, and her signals will be clear. In fact, more often than not, she will simply tell you. She appreciates the same kind of directness in her lover, and making love with her often involves a good deal of erotic conversation. She would rather you speak your desires than try to second-guess you; in turn, she will let you know exactly what feels good. She loves sound effects, too; groaning, shouting, and even well-chosen four-letter words will only spur her on to greater heights. She grows impatient with too much pussyfooting around. Rubbing knees under the table is more apt to irritate her than turn her on—unless your dining room is large and private and you can proceed directly to the couch.

Finally, for the Sagittarius Woman, sex is aesthetic. For all her directness and energy, she does not want roughness. She thinks of sex as a union of equals with slightly different apparatus; she holds the act of love to be the highest form of art. She worships the body of her loved one as a glorious creation, and the dignity of her self-love transforms them both into gods. The lover of a Sagittarius Woman is a very lucky person indeed.

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