The Scorpio Woman must learn to cope with one of the results of her all-or-nothing nature, her repressed emotions. She often acts as if she had a stopper in her throat. When it blows, she can go to shattering extremes to let off steam. She can swallow years of domestic abuse and then one day walk out without a nod to her husband. She can tolerate battles on the job with no sign of misery and then down her boss and colleagues with a devastating attack to the gut. She is as good at repressing emotions as she is at planning and launching barbs and raids where they hurt the most.

She can get ill from allowing her feelings to fester inside. Though the Scorpio Woman has a sturdy constitution, when she gets sick she holds onto illness as tenaciously as she once held onto her health. Her recovery is usually slow and long.

The weakest part of her body, the point where she feels the most stress, is her first chakra, or the sex center. Any emotional repression goes directly into this sexual area, immediately causing sexual problems and related physical complaints. The stop-per-in-the-bottle syndrome can also bring ulcers, periodic explosions that traumatize the family environment, throat discomfort or disease, and sometimes nagging lower back pain.

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