The Aquarius Woman is part Helen Keller, part Peter Pan, a dash of Minnie Mouse,, and a pinch of Madame Curie. She is not only complicated and unpredictable, but she keeps one foot in the future and has fantastic faraway eyes that see much and reveal nothing.

She is an activist to whom causes may be more attractive than respectable, middle-class mores; she will at some point feel compelled to pursue freedom or fight sexism or join the diplomatic corps to do an "inside job." She is a doer with a visionary mind and missionary zeal, for she believes in the good of the common cause and in group destiny.

She may seek quantity instead of quality in her relationships and often tries to escape from herself into the crowd. She may belong to everyone, and in the end, least of all to herself. She has a periodic need to hibernate but also a strong drive to pull people together, to demonstrate the validity of her beliefs, to create a different way of life for some people. Jules Verne, an Aquarian type, saw into the future, and he entertained as well as educated his readers with his imaginative futuristic world.

The Aquarius Woman tends to have enlightened ideals in selected areas that can range from child raising and sex education to human rights and prison reform, from medical revolution to personal liberty. She always reserves the right to dissent, though she prefers to do it peacefully. She is usually attached to her version of the truth, and she is invariably ahead of her times in some manner. Often her lifestyle is middle class, but she will have one or two shocking concepts. She may be a churchgoer, for example, yet also a devout nudist, a Sunday school teacher who supports the right to abortion. Part of her is always open to reform. Human rights, not just according to the letter but in the spirit of the law as well, are quintessential to her. The right to happiness, including a good education and medical care, is something she defends to her grave, though happiness in the sense of deep, personal, emotional fulfillment and total inner serenity frequently eludes her.

Quirky, Offbeat, Quixotic

The Aquarius Woman defies traditional descriptions; she blows hot and cold. One day she is a cookie-baking mother with no greater aim in life than to do the wash and repot the plants. The next morning she may be marching at the head of a demonstration, wildly supporting women's work rights. That night she may read a Gothic novel until three in the morning, and the following week she will probably take up horseback riding and archery. She can be outgoing in the morning and reclusive at night, a politician as well as a visionary.

She will greet you with enthusiasm on Monday, indifference on Tuesday, absent-mindedness on Wednesday, open arms on Thursday, an intellectual discourse on Friday, and a passionate invitation to a midnight party over the weekend. She may be the most helpful neighbor you've ever had, always ready with aid and advice. On the other hand, she is probably the only person you know intimately (you thought) who will drive right by you as you struggle with a flat tire. It's not that she doesn't see you; it's just that your plight doesn't register as her problem.

The Aquarius Woman tends to be offbeat in her moods, tastes, and habits. She dresses to please herself, though a strong part of her hungers for approval. Nevertheless, she is just as likely to wear gypsy skirts as Victorian nightgowns, mother hub-bards as the latest in Italian chic. Though she can't explain how she chooses her styles or what promj >; her to swing from image to trend, one thing she never lacks is individual and avant-garde flair.

Unpossessive, Non m a teri a lis ti c, Freedom-seeking

An outstanding and unusual Aquarian trait is lack of possessiveness, both of people and of objects. Aquarius seeks to live by her own views. Her relationships will work best when she is respected, when her quirks are accepted. She is interested neither in owning people nor in accumulating possessions. Security or showing off is not nearly as important to her as giving a good performance, as adopting unusual aims and methods and making them work. She tends to be far more possessive of the techniques that help her to reach success, and of any pets she may have, than of people and possessions. Money is important to her mostly as a tool, a resource to give her independence. She wants to be able to do whatever she wants, on short notice, without having to waste time to account for her motives and aims. She would prefer life to run smoothly, without requiring too much maintenance and administration. A jealous or possessive partner is intolerable to her, but she appreciates one who cooperates in providing the material underpinnings and intellectual cooperation for her to "do her own thing."

The freedom she seeks is still in the future. The Aquarius Woman cannot be typecast; she is not a radical feminist, bohemian, socialist, fan of free love, rebel, revolutionary. She may be bits and parts of all of them, but her urge for activity and unrestrained existence probably transcends even her own understanding. She is, her nature is the way it is, and she must accept it as such.

The Aquarius Woman mirrors to the rest of us our own needs for growth and freedom. She is at least potentially an avatar of a new consciousness, one that is not enamored of the past, transcends many of its own limitations, trusts the moment, and is gifted both in foreseeing and in creating a more civilized future.

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