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The Cosmic Woman is realistic about her expectations. Having such a good handle on the personalities of those she meets (she has gone through all the phases and recognizes the types), she knows what she can expect and does not project her own needs, wants, and desires onto another.

She also is realistic about the way things work. Having been involved in the process of change, she has had a lot of exposure to the organized institutions of society. She recognizes the elephantine nature of most organizations and the tremendous amount of energy that is required to move them. She does not waste much time if there seems to be little chance of changing them. She realizes that the necessary changes in society will not happen until changes first take place within people. She devotes much of her time to helping people change their own inner selves.

The Cosmic Woman is realistic about time and money. She realizes that all good things take time and that there has to be some support system to provide the necessities of life. The wolf has to be kept from the door, the leaky roof has to be repaired, and the tax forms have to be filled and filed. She can do these mundane things and retain her high idealism as well.

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    Which zodiac signs are realist?
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