Practical Realistic

The Capricorn Woman is a pragmatist who rarely loses sight of her short- or long-term goals; she is prompt in sizing up the pros and cons of each situation. Will buying a new coat wipe out her savings? Will staying late at work now net her a raise? Will going to the movies with Sam be followed by bed, or is it too soon? Does Sam make enough money to take her to a nightclub next weekend, or should she wait for John? Lady Capricorn keeps a running score in her head that would impress the most avid tournament bridge player.

She is as realistic about her prospects with her lover as with her company or her divorce case. She comes well prepared and takes no chances. You will not see her wildly pedaling her bicycle down the highway, for the odds she previously calculated ran against her doing so. If you see her at the gambling table, you can be sure she has calculated that it's her day to win (she may have used biorhythms, computers, astrology, palmistry, dreams, or mood charts).

She usually tries to back her intuition with what she considers factual evidence in her favor; she tries to anchor all her activities in practical reality. If she sells jewelry, she will know the history and original location of each stone. If she grows plants, she will be well versed in the amounts of sunlight and nutrients each plant needs for maximum growth—after all, the profit (pleasure too) depends on the plants' health. If she is an astrologer, she will be an encyclopedia of useful household hints in just about every area of life. If she is an administrator, she is most likely to manage projects that make practical use of the earth's resources. She will be concerned with basics such as housing for the elderly, clothing, or food.

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