Popular Polite Selfdoubting

The facade is unruffled, the smile in place. Her countenance is usually pleasing, her manners polished. No wonder the Libra Woman is well liked. She is a hostess's dream, and she makes any man proud to be seen with her. Yet she wears her beauty like a reversible garment. She has such a great need to be noticed and accepted that she is frequently anxiety-ridden about how well she has succeeded. Perhaps she fears that those who look at her carefully will discover the ugly duckling underneath.

Imagine the following scene. Libra is dressed for dinner and, as usual, looks smashing. Inside, she quivers with uncertainty. She checks herself in the mirror again. An unsuspecting observer would think she dotes on herself too much. The truth is she desperately needs reassurance. She tells her companion how she feels, and he gives her the reassurance she needs. They leave, arms linked, and have an enjoyable dinner.

The alternate scenario has Libra pretending she feels great, swallowing her fears. Since in Libra the primary body stress spots are the lower back and kidneys, she is unlikely to enjoy her dinner if she keeps her tensions in.

It may seem paradoxical to advise sexy, artful Libra to appreciate herself—yet she needs to be told. She has confidence and inner strength under stress most especially in her professional life, but she needs to develop more esteem for her whole self.

True self-esteem will come from exploring, trusting, and learning about herself.

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