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The more mature Sagittarius Woman will shape her youthful religious fervor into a code of ethics and a system of beliefs to live by. This can range from "Respect nature and its manifestation in all creatures" to the complicated Freudian theory of psyche and soma. Whatever it is, you can be sure she will carry it to its furthest conclusions. Philosophy, in fact, is an excellent field for her, and fine analytical inquiry can well become the passion of her life.

The candle of her childhood faith will continue to glimmer through all the black holes and blind alleys. As her understanding ripens, her studies may take a mystical turn. Physics and the abiding laws of the universe fill her with awe and faith. Her blood bears traces of the woodland creature, and she instinctively feels the rhythm of the planet in her veins. This strong connection with nature pushes her skyward to a transcendent comprehension of reality.

Her head may soar beyond the clouds and into the stratosphere, but the Sagittarius Woman's feet are firmly planted in the practicalities of the earth, and her strong legs carry her forward. This is often the key to her spirituality. Every Sagittarian Woman has the teacher's gift and can actualize her cosmic understanding and regenerate the mundane rituals of our lives. Hers is called "the sign of the prophet." She has the potential to integrate, organize, and direct our human energies into a brighter future.

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