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1. An unusually large number of liaisons from early adolescence on, or else a very delayed sexual coming-of-age.

2. Suddenly early infatuation leading to a surprise marriage, or else an unusually late marriage. Scorpio marries once and tries to marry for keeps. Though divorce is more prevalent now, she will not give up on a troubled marriage or pr imary relationship until, and unless, she has tried everything to keep it going.

3. Extramarital sex sooner or later, or, if not, obsession with work, food, alcohol, or sexual fantasies.

4. Crisis in her main relationship. She must anticipate this and work with it rather than play ostrich. Crisis in relationships is a fact of her life. Her ultimate destiny is to transform and purify her love and her sexual nature. Whether the changes are good or bad is up to her, but changes she will have.

5. Survival of crisis and attainment of a higher level of consciousness. If this happens in the context of a relationship, that relationship will totally change it. If it dies, another relationship will come along, often completely different from the last.

6. Continuation of cycle. She may go back to step 3 and start all over or swear off sex for awhile.

7. Attainment of a new stage of holistic living. Here, she can harmonize power urges and personal fulfillment (see chapter 13, "The Cosmic Woman").

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