Patterns in the Libra Womans Sexual Relationships

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Generally, the modern Libra Woman displays the following pattern in sexual relationships:

1. She marries early. She also usually marries several times or, if not, lives with several partners.

2. She struggles to maintain the partnership and follow traditional sex roles. However, she eventually becomes restless and suppresses her feelings. Then she separates, divorces, or adopts an alternative lifestyle.

3. Between unions, or during an open marriage phase, Libra may try everything from group sex to lesbianism.

4. New relationships or lifestyles emerge.

Ending relationships is difficult for Libra, but if she gets divorced she often adopts a gay or bisexual lifestyle. She may also start another commitment, or she may experiment with the single lifestyle. In any case, she will not want to live alone for long.

Yet she is also strong and tends to be a survivor. She is on a merry-go-round looking for the right mate and the best lifestyle, and deep down she believes the brass ring is right within her reach.

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