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The concept of the primary relationship was tailored for the Gemini Woman. She doesn't make commitments easily because of her dual nature, her need for ever-changing scenarios, and her fear of being tied down. She won't directly confront this aspect of her personality; instead she will bend over backwards to continue in a sexual relationship with one man while adding others to her stable. She sincerely believes in the Primary Commitment; her involvement with other men is simply for variety!

She's not particularly attracted to married men if they are in residence with their wives. She doesn't like sharing the spotlight; God knows, the beacon is often not bright enough for her alone, much less for a space crowded with others. She's not too fond of triangles either—unless, of course, they involve two people devoting all their attention to her. She fears being left out, which is a natural spin-off of her loneliness.

After she ends a relationship, she often idealizes the man she has left. She will build elaborate fantasies around him and obviously expect her next man to live up to them. The Gemini Woman is very vulnerable in love situations. Since the excitement of the chase is often a greater reality for her than the happiness that comes later, she may end up teasing a man and then running away before he can catch her. This ultimately causes a great deal of stress, and her nervous system can suffer.

She often marries more than once. She can be so unsettled and bored when she first falls in love that sustaining a relationship with her is difficult. Middle age often modifies her wandering ways, and she is more apt to accept the responsibility of conventional lifestyles. She is still susceptible to boredom and must work hard to find excitement within the structures she builds.

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