Patterns in the Cancer Womans Sexual Relationships

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The Cancer Woman tends to display the following patterns in her sexual relationships (to some extent these apply to platonic ties as well):

1. Her hormones awaken early, though her conditioning may deter her from acting. She tends to have a secret love affair with her sexual self and may be more open to physical experiments than to the risky ups and downs of emotional engagements. Masturbation may be a very frequent activity.

2. She tends to marry early, either to escape a difficult home situation or to gain security, hopefully with status.

3. She is apt to want a family and may have many children. She is unusually pleased by domesticity as long as she can run the house as she chooses. She must be allowed to control the budget as well, for managing money makes her feel secure. She needs to belong to a unit.

4. She usually forms relationships cautiously, even with her children. She rarely loves with abandon and may in fact apportion her affection deliberately, as if with measuring spoons. Her relationships tend to build slowly, to peak intensely, and to last with various degrees of closeness for a long time.

5. She needs to feel she is the center of some group and likes to be in control of her marriage or main relationship. She may not acknowledge her need openly.

6. She often has a troubled marriage. Though she seldom likes to cope with change or crisis, she can do it well. Few Cancer Women live as tranquilly as they would like, and many inch painfully toward separation or divorce.

7. She finds it extremely difficult to live and let live, and almost impossible to let go of anyone she loves. She may hang onto a disastrous relationship much longer than logic would dictate.

8. If she divorces, she is bound to take it hard. Guilt and depression are common, but with time, she heals well. A hint to the Cancer Woman: you can have several sequential marriages within the same marriage, and you would probably prefer it that way.

9. Though she is often a paragon of virtue and a good mother, she can also secretly pursue extramarital sex. She is gifted at illusion, and often the Cancer Woman who is named Mother of the Year in her hometown is the same one who enjoys passionate afternoons with a lover totally unlike her husband.

10. She is a good friend and wife as long as she does not feel betrayed. Her friends and her husband must be extremely careful not to hurt her, humiliate her, or make her feel isolated or abandoned. In these instances, she is likely to retaliate with a vengeance.

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