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In her sexual relationships, the Aquarius Woman seems to display the following patterns (to some extent, these apply to her platonic ties as well):

1. She tends to be an early bloomer, open to experience and experiments. The idea of sex turns her on strongly, and she is often spurred to action by rebellion or by the desire to show off and be different.

2. She is apt to have many sexual relationships before she marries. She likes her freedom and may try all varieties of lifestyles before she settles down. Deep down, she might like to delay marriage, at least the old-fashioned kind, forever; the possibility that it will become a cage frightens her.

3. She is fixed in her affections once they are seriously established. However, sex and love are different matters to her. Frequently she falls in love, only to find herself sexually attracted by (or at least interested in) other men. If she is married, she is highly likely to have extramarital affairs in secret.

4. In friendship, she gives a great deal, but her friendships typically have out-of-the-blue endings. She probably doesn't understand what happens herself.

5. She experiences a number of uprootings in her life, mosdy unpredictable. This can play havoc with her relationships and often does. Things seem to happen to her, including divorce.

6. She tends to be emotionally unfulfilled. Her relationships, though various and stimulating, are seldom fully intimate, totally satisfying. Her aloofness, the emotional shield she carries, prevents closeness with most people and is the single most frequent source of her separations, both emotional and physical.

7. She may escape into or compensate by overwork. She has a tendency to avoid intensely charged emotional situations and may do so most of her life. However, she is often highly successful in her career.

8. If she breaks through to the depth of intimacy she needs yet seldom seeks, she can be the avatar of unconditional love. All she needs is to trust and expand her emotional side.

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