The Cosmic Woman has learned the lesson of her Taurus phase very well. She has the patience of Job. Family situations that would drive others to drink do not faze her. She views them with the cool, detached knowledge that all things change. Death may be the only cure, but even this is a change and a new beginning for the Cosmic Woman. She is aware of the cycles of life and death and realizes that even death starts a new cycle in which things again have the capacity to work out.

She views life as a learning process and is patient with herself and others as they fumble through it. She may show some impatience when the going gets slow and will try to prod things along, but she is usually very respectful of the time and effort learning takes. She is a natural teacher and will use all her knowledge to speed the process. The Cosmic Woman has developed a new consciousness in which personal relationships occupy a central place. She realizes that quite a transition is necessary for everyone to discover the depths of what it means to be human.

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How To Become The Girl Men Adore

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