Patient Retentive

The Cancer Woman is a paragon of patience. She can outwait anyone, and she uses this strategy to gain credibility, affection, or power. Hers is the eternal potency of water, which carves riverbeds out of gigantic mountains through the slow process of erosion.

She can't quite fathom the rat race or understand people who are always in a hurry. She has no intention of getting ulcers or having a heart attack over little things, thank you. Her fire sisters who elbow people aside indiscriminately won't catch her in such a frenzy. She feels out situations slowly and subtly, expecting the world to come to her before she must go to it.

Her entire outlook is retentive. Politically, she tends to be conservative, wishing to preserve old values and lifestyles. Economically, she is usually thrifty and wants to hold on to her funds. Socially, she tends to have long friendships. She likes the ritual of Christmas and birthday cards and keeps in touch over the years. In love, she will probably cling to her mate and her home base. Physically, she tends to retain water and to blow up quickly with extra calories.

Her memory is unusually good. She can probably recall her earliest years without effort and does not need hypnosis to recite what she learned about the birds and the bees in third grade. She tends to favor the fashions of yesteryear and often dresses with pretty, feminine charm that seems vaguely but deliciously out of date. She likes collars with embroidery, or traditional tailored pieces that never go out of style.

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