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Ruled by Mercury, Mutable Air, Gemini likes to run around. As a child, she excelled in races, bicycling, and exploring. As an adult, she is a seasoned traveler, as much at home in a foreign port as she is in her well-appointed apartment. Often she is much happier in the city than in the country; the hum of traffic, the busde of shopping, the museums and the art galleries—all offer an excitement that the serene countryside does not afford.

She has an active nature and is eager for adventure. She is often found rushing helter-skelter in search of the new and the different. Wherever there is something new, exotic, and exciting you can be sure to find her. She is sure about where she is going, and surprisingly enough, she always knows how to get there.

The Gemini Woman is a good sport and will try anything once. Need a friend to go elephant riding in Jodhpur? Want to pan for gold in the Yukon? Yearn to hunt antelope on the Serengeti Plain? The Gemini Woman will be right at your side, spurring the elephant to move a little faster.

She is just as outgoing in her personal relationships. She enjoys meeting all sorts of new people and is eager to learn as much from them as she can. She has the ability to pick the brain of friend and foe alike and can learn from one as easily as from the other. She is the first to grasp that all life is a school and that learning comes from experience as well as from books.

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