Open Tolerant

The Cosmic Woman recognizes very few boundaries. She is cognizant of the rather artificial world that has evolved and aware that it may not be suitable to the person she is becoming. Therefore, she is open to a variety of alternatives for living. She seeks new patterns and new approaches to problems that seem to become greater with the passing of each year, and for which traditional thinking has not yet provided answers. She investigates new lifestyles that are more comfortable for the woman she is becoming. She looks for workable solutions that traditional religious, legal, and governmental systems have not found.

She is equally open in her approach to people. She pulls her friends from all age groups, from all social levels, from as many walks of life as she has the physical and mental energy to encompass. She is a pioneer on that last great frontier available to humankind, the mind. She regards people as living resources. She feels that she can learn from their experiences and enters into a teacher/pupil relationship in which open communication is of the utmost importance. Her personal progress and the progress of her friends can only happen when there is honest communication.

Having learned in her Gemini phase that communication is at the heart of successful relationships, that without it sex becomes a neurotic release rather than an experience of sharing or an encounter, the Cosmic Woman has come to tolerate the feeble attempts of those who are at least trying. She accepts people if they are trying to know and understand. Being aware of her own inner self, she is acutely aware of the struggles and self-imposed inadequacies of others. She has learned through her experiences to accept people as they are. She encourages self-discovery.

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