Nostalgic Crabby Sentimental

The Cancer Woman has a strong psychic link with the past, often through her mother or grandmother. She may miss the grandeur of the past, ignore the challenge of the present, and fear the possible decadence of the future. She probably wishes she had lived in an era when antiques were new, when collecting things was not as expensive, when the universe seemed more orderly and predictable. She is nostalgic for a time gone by, a wistful era of dance cards and crinolines, the smell of magnolias and roses, garden parties, and politicians who did not vie for equal time on television but kissed the baby instead.

Thus, it is small wonder that she gets crabby sometimes. After all, when she sees what could have been and compares today's reality to her visions, the present seldom measures up. Declare a moratorium on the past, turn her on to the wonders of the twenty-first century, and she may forget her memories—but only for the moment. War and Peace, Gone With the Wind, or Anna Karenina will bring it all back, and there she will be, wiping away the tears and softly sobbing, wishing people would leave her alone. The wonders of space-age travel may never excite Cancer as much as the thought of living in the lap of Southern luxury or consorting with the Russian aristocracy. And if anyone pushes her or insists she is wrong, she may just get crabby.

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