The Cosmic Woman has learned the lesson of possession well. She knows that all of life is in a constant ebb and flow and that applies to her possessions as well as the people in her life. She therefore looks on things and people as treasures to be cherished while they are in her care, and does not try to own them. She is aware of the transient nature of life and savors each moment that she has a lovely thing or person in her life, but she also knows when to let go. She knows that her own growth is hampered when she tries to hold onto something that wishes to fly free.

The Cosmic Woman is very giving of her worldly goods. She feels that she is the steward of these possessions to bring joy and abundance to others, and gives without hesitation. It is interesting to see that her well never seems to run dry. She attracts worldly goods and knows how to use them for the enrichment of those around her. There always seems to be room for an extra guest at dinner, a space for a lonely wanderer who has no place to stay. Her care and concern are ever present.

This same attitude is seen in all of her relationships. When she loves, she does so freely and does not try to own her beloved. She shares moments, even days and years, but when the time comes for her to let go, she is able. Being so complete in herself, she demands very little from her companions. She feels that love is a mutual response, that there has to be giving and sharing on the part of all involved, or the effort is not worth the price. She has litde time in her life for the totally selfish and the totally self-centered.

The Cosmic Woman nurtures but does not possess. She cares for but does not own. She protects but does not dominate. She loves but does not manipulate. She holds and comforts, but also knows when to let go. The Cosmic Woman's only true possession is herself.

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