Nonconformist Taboo Breaker Leader

The Scorpio Woman is drawn to three areas that American society still considers taboo: power, death, and money.

She is a nonconformist by virtue of the fact that she is a woman who enjoys using power in a culture that still reserves this domain to the male. She is an individualist who believes that life beyond death does exist. And she is a frank debunker of myths concerning money.

She knows that sex is power and power is money. Her sexual exploits are well known, but we know a lot less about her involvement with money, because money is still a seldom-discussed topic.

People's resources, taxes, and inheritances belong in Pluto's domain. Therefore, the Scorpio Woman has the privilege of experimenting with these, using her own special intuition. She does well as an investor for others, as a real estate agent, antiques dealer, or stockbroker (especially when dealing with underground natural resources), as tax expert, or as an attorney specializing in deeds, bequests, and inheritance cases.

Scorpio can also work especially well within the American "death industry." She can be a good funeral parlor administrator, embalmer, counselor for the grieving, religious leader, or cultist. She can break through traditional notions of death and dying and share her own deep wisdom with others.

It is profoundly important for her to examine her own values regarding these areas, for only when she is clear about them can she be effective in teaching others. At her best, she can help dismantle harmful notions about money, sex, power, and death. She can become a great demythologizer of harmful old notions, and a harbinger of an expanded and more helpful vision.

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