Neurotic Sex Drive Game Player

The Gemini Woman can be just as sexy as any woman of the Zodiac; she merely loses interest quickly. She is intellectually interested in the idea of sex but often less concerned about the physical reality. In some ways she would rather watch than participate although she knows that sex is an important part of life.

The Gemini Woman often uses sex to validate her ego. As long as she can attract and lure men, she feels young and romantic. When she gets a man to chase her, she feels she still has what it takes to make it. However, once the excitement wears off, she becomes distracted and cools rather quickly. An interesting note: she often thinks more highly of an old flame than of her current conquest. She has a tendency to idealize the man and later often recalls her idealized image rather than the reality of the person she experienced.

Sex, for all its lore, is not what attracts the Gemini Woman. She is much more interested in what a man can provide for her. Unlike her Taurus sister, she will seek the man with power and position rather than getting carried away and lusting after the gardener or delivery boy. Sex does not drive her; it is more a means to an end. The end is her own security and position.

Explosive sex is a mainstay of one of the many games she plays. She pictures herself as a light to which all the moths are drawn. To prove her cleverness, she will turn on and off. She will lead a man down a path of difficult return and artfully dodge his advances. If you want to please her, chase her but never catch her.

She cannot tolerate boredom. She wreaks havoc on many families by stirring up feuds and resentments. This is another of her favorite games. If she can get her brothers and sisters fighting with each other, and everyone fighting with the in-laws, it makes a jolly good time for her. It also keeps in check their demands for consistency and responsibility from her.

She's big on self-directed games too. She will exaggerate her own accomplishments and then not measure up to her self-imposed demands. She will convince herself that she is almost invincible and will find to her dismay that she is not. She will tell a lie often enough to believe it herself and will be unable to face the truth when it comes to haunt her. This is probably her most dangerous game, and unless she is careful, it will lead to her downfall.

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