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The Leo Woman is capable of starring in any play, but whatever role she takes, she has a great need to be liked, admired, followed. She seems to have a constitutional inability to compromise on this, and she usually does not try. She needs to shine, to be the center of attention, to be praised.

There is sunshine in her nature. When she is happy, she radiates warmth and light that naturally draw people to her. However, she also goes through cycles. When she is ill disposed, she drives people away by being petty or overly demanding.


I believe myself that romantic love is the source of the most intense delights that life has to offer.

Bertrand Russell Marriage and Morals

There are three consistent threads that run through the Leo Woman's love life: her tendency to be player and spectator in romantic lovemaking, her exaggerated expectations, and her egocentric romanticism. She has these traits naturally, and our culture raises women in such a way as to intensify them.

The Leo Woman's greatest challenge in relationships is to overcome her selfishness and allow herself to be genuinely involved. She is bound at first to approach love as a game or as a test of her managerial skills. She is quite likely to conceptualize love as a masterpiece akin to Michelangelo's David, a solid thing created slowly by passion, permanently erected in the spotiight, left by itself to reign supreme. In Leo's view, love is often an unchallenged and unchanging entity, made to serve her needs.

The Leo Woman wants what she wants and may go through countless miseries trying to get it. She is sometimes too fixated on the ideal for her own good; she may not be willing to change when change becomes necessary. She is strong-willed and proud; she may be outspoken, dictatorial, vulgar, boisterous, and condescending—all the while aching with loneliness. She is a good actress, but this can hurt her when she covers up vulnerability with bossiness.

The Leo Woman often attempts to dominate life and to bolster herself with pretense. Perhaps, for awhile, this technique works. She has the talent to inject sunshine into the midnight sky and convince others that it's daylight. But can she convince herself?

In her romantic fog, the Leo Woman usually harbors the expectation that she will sooner or later find the perfect relationship. She may think that it will be effortless to maintain, that it will automatically filter out what she does not like about life. But a relationship cannot give Leo, or any of us, a loving life. Only the development and utilization of her own love potential can.

The Leo Woman may spend half her life trying to transform frogs, believing they are princes; and the other half trying to reconcile her great expectations with the realities of life, of love and marriage, of her own and her partner's changing needs.

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