Mysterious Beautiful Romantic

Pisces is beautiful, with limpid, soulful eyes filled with dancing lights. One can look into her eyes for a lifetime and never know the mysteries of their depths. Her magic is riveting, and one can't help but be attracted to it.

Her world is at variance with ours. She sees more and suffers more. She is the divine malcontent of the Zodiac. Her dreams are different, out of step with the cool rationality prompted by our culture.

It is not possible to gauge what is really going on inside the head of the Pisces Woman. She has a mask for each role and occasion, and she prefers it so. She tunes in to vibrations faster than a gypsy but shrouds her insights. She is as wise—and as inscrutable—as the Delphic oracle. The Pisces Woman has more unfulfilled dreams than Joan of Arc had visions. More dreams go wrong in her head than in reality, for many never see daylight.

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