Musical Cultural Patron

The Sagittarius Woman is exceptionally musical, and her talent is usually discovered at an early age. I have known Sagittarius girls who began piano lessons at age four after demonstrating a keen ability to plink out sophisticated tunes on the family piano.

Even if her musical education is neglected, her infallible ear and sensitivity to rhythm make her a latent musician or, at the very least, a potential connoisseur. Many Sagittarians are great patrons of the opera or of their local symphonies. Sagittarius's ear for the exotic will lead her to appreciate jazz and modern forms in addition to the subtleties of Japanese music and the intricate patterns of the Balinese gamelin. She sees no conflict in enjoying both a Joan Sutherland aria and a Dolly Parton ballad.

Her appreciation of art goes beyond music. Her fine sensibilities and love for the uniquely beautiful lead her to collect art of all kinds. When possible, she will draw artists into her circle of friends and promote their work incessantly. Painting and sculpture are intellectually stimulating to her and, in a sense, less ephemeral than her love of music. The combination of aesthetic and mental stimulation found in the cultural world holds a profound attraction for her. Even if she doesn't pursue her own art form, the role she plays will be a highly creative and visible one.

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