Multiple Relationships

The Libra Woman is always searching for her ideal partner and is rarely happy with what she has. In any case, she generally doesn't like to get too deeply involved, preferring instead to contemplate a lover's or friend's potential. Deep down, she may be afraid that if she looks too closely or reveals too much, no one will measure up to her fantasies. To avoid intimacy, she may keep three affairs going simultaneously, sometimes with both sexes.

She dislikes too much privacy, for she fears loneliness. She often depends on others for pleasure and motivation and usually has no trouble finding willing helpers. To avoid "heavy" commitments, she does her best to keep everything on an even keel, parceling her attention in many directions and clinging to her ambivalences.

When she does get passionately involved, she fears being hurt. In brief, she is rarely faithful but abhors fights and endings. When she is faithful, no woman on earth could be a better partner.

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