Moralistic Attracted to Structure Rigidity

Puritanism, with its narrow and rigid moral code, could be judged a Capricorn phase in our history. The Capricorn Woman is born with a strong sense of ethics. She thinks she knows right from wrong, and she does not plan to deviate. Even as a baby, she probably organized her toys into categories, communicated with measured feeling, and preferred clear, repetitious household routines to an unstructured lifestyle.

She usually grows up a very proper young lady. She may wear gloves and a hat when other girls do not, and she often radiates a cool magnetism. Early in life she usually holds absolute views of sexual right and wrong. She can be downright prissy, haughty, and judgmental.

She is the type of person who generally sets her daily schedule at least a week in advance. She seldom likes change and disapproves of "abnormal" habits. "Abnormal," in turn, may be anything she disapproves of. Fortunately for her, she usually relaxes her social and sexual standards after living for a while and having a few affairs. In some cases, it takes a failed marriage and nasty divorce to teach her flexibility and tolerance.

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