Moody Depressive

Humor notwithstanding, the Capricorn Woman lives in a mood elevator. She is stricken by moods as suddenly as the rest of us are stung by bees or caught by a coughing fit. She may be calmly watching television, then suddenly storm out of the room. She is no stranger to fits of sadness and sudden crying jags. Very often, there is no known explanation for her mood changes, but they are very real and persist most of her life.

Her biggest problem is that she does not know how to be happy. She has to learn it. She has sadness in her soul. She is prone to long periods of depression and corrosive self-doubt. These may flare up because of heavy reprimanding by a parent, criticism by a teacher, the loss of a friend, or fear of failure, but they may also strike out of the blue.

Her high expectations are bound to cause disappointment and may be one expla nation for her moodiness. After all, nobody can constantly live up to high ideals. Living too much in the past may be another problem. But mostly she must accept her sudden mood changes as a factor in her makeup and work with them rather than resisting. Crying on the full moon or slamming doors every once in awhile may be tolerable, but she must find ways to combat longer depressions.

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