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The Taurus Woman enjoys—even requires—monogamy in marriage. She works hard to provide comfort for her mate and her children. She'll even leave her precious home (though not the care of it) and take a job to insure the financial security so necessary to her existence and to insure that the protective bubble over her loved ones does not develop cracks.

Normally, she will only risk upsetting the routine of her family life under the direst of circumstances. Once she has given up (or, God forbid, been left) she will begin instantly the search for someone to help her stabilize her life. Her dogged determination and "I did it once, I can do it again" attitude will make her shape up her body, select a stunning new wardrobe, and literally propel herself into the mate marketplace. Typical situations that might push her to infidelity are:

1. Lack of complete respect for her mate. She wouldn't have settled down with him if she didn't respect him, and when she loses this necessary marital component, she will begin to look for it elsewhere.

2. Years of neglect and disregard for her needs. She's stubborn for sure, even when it comes to her own fulfillment. It takes a long time and repeated failures to recover his initial infatuation before she decides it's time to get what she needs from someone else.

3. Complete failure of her mate as a lover. She is the embodiment of love. She must have intimacy, touching, caressing, stroking, or she wilts like an orchid planted in the Sahara. She will tolerate many other deprivations for much longer than she will put up with the denial of give-and-take sex.

4. Lack of total financial security. If she doesn't feel, see, and sense security, watch out! Few things mean more to her, and she is capable of making great sacrifices for it; if it demands total reorganization of her well-constructed life, so be it.

5. Constant loneliness. Again, her need for intimacy, for being needed and appreciated, causes her to spring into action. She knows the difference between being alone and being lonely, and though she delights in the former, she has little tolerance for the latter.

If she is far from home in a romantic setting and can be sure that her security, position in the community, and reputation for being down-to-earth are safe, she may well falter. An older Taurus Woman can find a lusty young man irresistible. If she reasons that nothing and nobody can be hurt by the experience, she will be rejuvenated by the freshness of a brief and erotic tumble.

Children are a necessary element in any lifestyle the Taurus Woman may find herself involved with. A true heir of the Taurian-type pioneer spirit and determination of the past century, she believes in the lessons life can teach us all. She loves the earth, appreciates the struggle for life on it, and understands the importance of willing it to the children of the future.

If the choice is hers, she will probably elect to live her life in the country. There she can quietly gather possessions, establish a comfortable home, and exercise the maximum influence on the populace around her. If she winds up in an urban environment, she tends to create a closely knit community that she can trust, help to build and nurture, and above all feel secure in. She finds outlets for all her earthly energies in the city, and if she opens up to it, she can learn from the vastness and density that exists there.

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