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The Libra Woman is totally for or against monogamy on principle. Either way, she is unbending, self-righteous, and willing to argue vehemently on the subject. The Libra woman who opposes monogamy may not have more than one sexual relationship. It is often enough to take an ideological stance without practicing it. She believes in justice and equality, so why not in freedom?—freedom of thought, if not of action.

The following represent typical situations that could influence the Libra Woman to become nonmonogamous:

1. Search for a more perfect partner. The Libra Woman believes, sometimes unconsciously, that there is always a potentially more ideal partner or husband than the one she has. She is willing to wear rose-colored specs and live in the Land of Dreams for awhile, but when the glow and the dreams wear off, she is in the market for a new lover.

You can tell when she's approaching this state by how attentive she is to her mate. If she looks around a lot, plays with her hair, or fidgets in her seat constantly when he is with her, danger lies ahead. But the most unmistakable signal is when she diets in earnest to buy a whole new wardrobe, or at least a new bathing suit.

My advice to her man is to redouble his attentions. Ask her what she is missing; try to lead her in a direction that will provide what she needs without amorous adventures. Since she is suggestible and appreciates being pampered, all is not lost.

2. Lady Chatterley. The Libra Woman can trap herself in the role of the refined lady or vestal virgin at home, leaving herself no place to go with her animal passion. The whore in her needs a man who forces her to get out of her head and her role. She is quite able to balance relationships with two men, and she may live out some raunchy fantasies this way.

3. Personal growth. Libra changes many times in the course of her life. She is destined by her sign to experience a great deal in relationships. In her early life she may define love as getting all she needs from a good man. Later, when she is more in tune with her higher self and with eros (see "Summing Up Libra"), she will need a man with whom she can share all of herself.

As she journeys on, she will have times of overlapping involvements, trying different kinds of men. She will do best to keep in mind that she is spiraling upward in her development, toward being a balanced, sharing, total woman.

4. Great appetite for life. The Libra Woman has plenty of joie de vivre. She wants to swim in Bali, ride a camel in the Sahara, ski in the Alps, drive in Monte Carlo, and make love on Telegraph Hill. If these opportunities come along, she will most probably take them. Thus, if she is without her mate and her ski guide is handsome and attentive, she may just have sex for lunch. She is unlikely to feel guilty afterwards, for she does not think it will hurt her marriage. Besides, she feels en tided.

5. Low self-esteem. Libra has many moments of high anxiety about beauty and aging. She may try to shore up her sagging ego by taking another lover, even a new husband.

6. Insensitivity from her partner. The Libra Woman is a complicated creature of many sides and moods. If her partner is unable or unwilling to accommodate her, she will sooner or later grow very disenchanted. She will have little desire to tell him exactly how she feels or where to get off. She may instead try to relieve the tension by having a new affair or a one-night stand. She may perhaps be faced with a situation in which her man is definitely not giving her the mothering she needs. She may then feel so empty that she is likely to have sex just to fill the void.

7. And others are doing it too. The Libra Woman likes to keep up with the trends. If her social circle admires a liberated pose, she may feel obligated to open her marriage. Many models and actresses are Libra types. They may have commitments to one partner, but they may also have sex with others if this is expected of them in the world in which they work.

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