Modest Undemonstrative SeIfeffacing Repressed

Middle-of-the-road in appearance, Virgo seldom wants a huge audience. She is more often the busy bee who gets things done behind the scenes than a shining cynosure. If she becomes famous, it is because she has done her homework thoroughly. She has probably learned all the basic details of her craft and analyzed all the ramifications of the network of power.

She is often very shy and uncomfortable in public. She may want to cover up her assets. In the course of her life, she is often challenged to develop more openness, spontaneity, self-trust, and freedom of expression. Snow White's modesty and self-effacing fulfillment of duty prior to being "discovered" suggest a Virgo phase.

The Virgo Woman may be the wife who shows her affection by patting her husband furtively on the arm instead of kissing him. She is apt to shake hands with her sons rather than hug them once they pass the first bloom of babyhood. She may envy people who consider touching intimates a natural part of social intercourse.

It is seldom in Virgo's nature to be effervescent. She must learn to praise and accept praise. She is generally restrained in the expression of her emotions, as though she feared that they would take hold and relegate her to a hell of lost souls if she relaxed.

The Virgo Woman is resilient and tends to bounce back in times of crisis. She is close to nature and often feels more at home on a solitary walk than at a party.

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