Mercurial Quick Scattered

Mercury, her ruling planet, is symbolized by quicksilver. She is just as shiny, alive, and agitated. And like the element mercury, should you drop her, she breaks into a thousand tiny fragments.

Her movements are quick and fluid. So is her mind. It can jump from one topic to another with the speed of lightning. She is one of the most intelligent of the Zodiacal signs, and there is nothing under the sun that will not attract her quick and energetic mind. However, she often lacks reason and judgment, not to be confused with intellect. In her quest for knowing, she often overlooks the obvious and doesn't have the common sense to put her findings to practical use.

Most people are no match for her quickness and for the range of things she has encountered on her many mental flights. These qualities, coupled with a ready wit and the ability to put down any opponent who is not quick enough on the draw, make her a formidable debater. She seldom loses an argument.

Just as mercury scatters if it is dropped, the Gemini Woman has a tendency to scatter her energies. Too many interests, too many romances, too many wasted intel lectual pursuits, leave her depleted, separated into litde pieces. Her greatest task is to keep from becoming fragmented. She needs the will power of her Taurus sister and the concentration of Pisces to keep her energies in one place long enough to accomplish what she desires.

She also needs to learn to slow down and enjoy life a little more. She is always in a hurry. She searches for the quickest way to do things. Drip-dry clothes, microwave ovens, and fast foods appeal to her sense of "let's get it over with so we'll have more time for important things." She sacrifices much in order to find a shortcut and save time. However, because she squanders time on unfulfilling pursuits, she seldom enjoys the fruits of her labors.

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